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I think Rob is right that the difference between twangers and pcps is closer than ever before, I have shot Rob Longs TX200 and my good that is so easy to shoot, however, the big thing with the springers are that you have to use consistent hold and the two courses we have shot so far all allowed pretty good sitting positions thus allowing consistent hold. I rememeber going to one shoot down the south east and that was set up deliberately to force you out of your normal position and it showed by pushing the twangers back down in the results.

Thanx for the bigging up of my previous performances Tool, I thik I could shoot a twanger back then but I am seriously struggling nowadays.

One thing I would like to see is next year get all the twangers to put a team into the constructors series, presume would need help from AirArms on this, just to see if we could manage to upset some of the pcp shooters. Would also like to see an england piston class team just to see how we fair against the pcp teams.


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