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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
The trophies (of my todays 0840 post)still don't have locations on any of them compared to the open class(of the period I was talking about), was there any reason for that,as a batch buy it couldn't cost that much more for the info insertion and would have ment something to the recipient looking back in later years and shown care,but without it made it look as if the springers were just tolerated..
HERX77 .
Unfortunately Mike adding the locations does cost quite a bit more as we have to pay more for each letter inserted & we have to draw the line somewhere, currently the trophies specify the round number.

You are the only person I've ever heard complain about them although I'm still not sure whether you are just talking about the past or the present also

I'll tell you what Mike.....If any springer shooters who currently compete in the UKAHFT series aren't happy with the Handmade Pewter Tankards that are up for grabs in their class then please let us know & next year we will look into supplying a cheaper trophy with the hosting clubs name on it. Thinking about it we could save money by providing some of those cheap plastic trophies or 50p medals that some clubs hand out for a National event
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