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Logos for News stories

I've added a few logos to add a little colour to the front page and you can now have a logo added to your story to make it stand out. As new stories appear, I'll add a logo for each and post here how to apply them.

So to start, here's the instructions, they're pretty simple, just a copy and paste at the start of your post, and a simple edit to change the title.

Any probs, then just scream for help in the usual manner

Quarry Example

Quarry Winter League results


to get that simply copy the code below from inside the box and paste at the top of your post, and then edit the words"NEFTA Winter League results - Pontefract" and the Waffle to whatever you like. Just be careful you don't nick out one of the ] or [/ letters either side of the title.
[B]Quarry Winter League results[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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