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Default Gp 2 ETL 2010

Here are my pics from Gp 2, A good day to remember.

A.m. Pep Talk

Tears of Joy from Steve as we are told there is no wind (They lied!!)

Which Chubby has turned up today?

The Sun shines on roger

We had a Dalmation once, it was called "Rob" too!

Let the string pulling commence

That a Barn Door Chubby ?

We sent Dave to bring Ozzy down a peg, worked a treat!

Dave dropped 7 in a row until someone told Him "Shooting from the Hip" only works in Cowboy films

Andy Checks to see where the wind is blowing from

Turns out most of it came from Holly!!

I think its Buster Blood Vessel from Bad Manners? ? Sing along "Lip up fatty "

The Tent of dread!

Welsh ringers were in abundance at gp 2

This one the midges found very tasty, must have been the Ginger flavour?

At his point I would ike to Thank RobF for my S-T.B badge. I am so pleased with it, I left out the "Bad" shots of you and just put these best ones in.

Please uses these if needs be to demonstrate in Real Airgun sport how to take Standers

And then perhaps next months article can be what sort of faces you can pull when you miss A (nother) Stander

The shot was so bad, Rob's Eyes fell out in protest

ETL had loverly Woods for young lovers to have a Romantic walk, but bewear, Bears live in the woods too Not sure which these two are?

Derk looks worried as another dropped target takes him way past 26

You put your left leg in, left leg out

2nd best vintage pcp on the course

Some of the Targets were quite hitable

Some were tricky, good course all rounf though

You know you have upset someone when they book you in with two Nelson shooters, especially if one is Berty!

Hi Berty

Dont forget Berty, keep an eye on your windycater, dont want you having a Big Dave

Little Jack was on for a podium place until he doube dinked the last lane. Got all standers & Kneelers though, well done.

The trouble with gp shoots is that you can drop those vital points late on!

Only missed one sitting target all day, we wont talk about the three standers!

Was it safe to let the Firestarter loose in the woods?

Some owners like to bring their best friends to the shoots

This one (think its a bearded collie) has been taught to fetch a pellet pouch, Good boy

A Job well done.

The shoot offs

This photo taken by Little Kev, he has the Eye for angles you know

and last but not least, another Welsh ringer sneaks in for a trophy.

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