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My opinion for what it's worth

You still have to pull the trigger & it's all down too good technique, i guess a twanger tunes that technique ??? i don't honestly know ? I had one for a short time & it scared the Beejesus out of me ? Now is that bad / lack of technique ????? i think so !

Nick Murphy , Mark Fisher , Neil Daniels , Matt Hirst have all put in consistant top scores with a twangers, but their all world class shooters with good technique, that can pick up a Walther , EV2 or what ever pcp they like & again 9 times out of 10 put in a consistant top score.

Examples :-

I shoot with Neil week in week out & seen him clear Redfearns course with both a twanger & his Walther, this is not every time but fairly consistantly ?

Matt Hirst & Neil Daniels GP Series 2008
Position Name Club Class BFTA Points Targets Scores
1st Matt Hirst ZZZZZZZZ PISTON 40390 296 183 48 0 0 50 0 50 50 48 50
2nd Neil Daniels CASTLE PISTON 20352 294 209 50 44 50 0 0 48 48 50 48

Nick Murphy shoots a right handed twanger left handed ?
GP Series Piston Champion 2009 , Classic Piston Champion 2010

Mark Fisher puts in 4 top GP scores on the bounce & as Rob mentioned puts in a neck & neck race with Nick for Recoiling Championship in 2009 like with Matt & Neil in 2008 ?

And most recently Matt Hirst wins NEFTA Classic Silhouette ............ with a borrowed gun ?

It doesn't shoot itself !

I may have driffted of path slightly here, but from what i know , have seen & encountered it's all down to the man ............... but you still need the right kit ........... set up correctly too !

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