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I was talking from the time I did shoot springers, (with response to Sparkies 4th may 08.23 post) I don't now and havn't for some time (in UKAHFT) at least.
Its understandable then to refer to the period I shot in and I assumed it was the same as now; (do BASC sponsor the trophies for UKAHFT springer trophies)?hence the question.
Should have put in 'STILL' after 'BASC'.and 'NOW' after trophies.
Maybe I should be more precise but it was a generalised question and didn't require more than a yes, no answer;however it should have been obvious with the given inscriptions where I was refering to.
Never the less the question is still valid,and answered already by Sparkies post of 5.21,today.
The trophies (of my todays 0840 post)still don't have locations on any of them compared to the open class(of the period I was talking about), was there any reason for that,as a batch buy it couldn't cost that much more for the info insertion and would have ment something to the recipient looking back in later years and shown care,but without it made it look as if the springers were just tolerated..
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