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Yep, I had one confirming, and another from the hotel.

Dear Rob,
In the meantime we have some problems with the banks...
They are going to reduce our balance with 10 EUR each time any bank transfer arrives from other countries.
We have two choices:
- we either say that the registration costs 10 EUR more
- or we change the bank, and open a new account in a different bank (that needs some time)
We do the latter now, in order to save YOUR money.
Please be patient a while. And do not worry, the Hotel is OK.
My plan is to send an email to all of you containing all necessary payment information. Many of you will change this for sure,
and this will need a little post processing....
That came from doc on this one, so if all else fails, try this as well Dr. Békési László

this reg email starts like this

Dear Rob Rob Farnworth,

I am glad to reconfirm your registration to the FTWorlds2010 event.

Your registration number is: 22

Category: PCP.
That comes from FTWorlds2010 and is titled FT Worlds 2010 registration infos
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