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Leupold EFR 14.5-35x40
Reticle Number 5F. originally 6.5-20x40 boosted by Premier Reticles.
Supplied by Nick Jenkins.....Link Arms
Nice scope still got it, range finds excellently,unfortunately its Point Of Impact changes due to temperature change.
Even with a temp indicator it is very difficult to find the correct aim point of the several marked on the scope.
Initially I thought the variation was due to the range finding of the scope,it wasn't.Some people at the club have the scope that doesn't range well but have a stable POI.
Ithink Nick tweeked his but have been unable to talk to him about it.Maybe 'Premier Reticles' have a way to fix it ,I certainly would be interested in considering it,( as the ladder reticle customised for me) when it works works very well.
No dialling in or fiddling with the turrets.
You had the option of choice of high sniper style turrets or impact drop .Price in 1991 with Butler Creek covers 543.00
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