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Default Shift work

I know how you feel in a sense Charlie,

I use up most of my annual leave to compete in the shoots. When I was single it didnt matter as this is what Id prefer to do than go on holidays. Its a little diferent now, Natalie needs to have time away for hols etc, but she is outstanding as she is happy for me to do the shooting and as long as she comes away with me, shes fine with it. Were going to Hungary in October for the Worlds and we are going to use that as our little getaway.

Back to the work front, if you do work weekends and shifts etc, it can be a drain on yourself sadly.

Just hope you have a boss that is understanding, or do as a mate of mine has done and get his boss into shooting. Trust me its helped him out getting time here and there... Clever thinking if you ask me...

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