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I've been very lucky in the past in that firstly I was self employed so could schedule my work around my weekends of shooting and more recently that my now employers have been very understanding and have let me change my shift pattern or put holidays in for competitions in return for a favour or two when I'm not shooting.
I cannot however see things lasting though as my shift manager is due to change at the end of this year.
It's been more of a financial thing for me and the fact that my wife has been ill lately and is waiting to go in for an operation that has cast a shadow over my availability to go shooting but that is just the way of things and I'll do what I can when I can.
Thing is mate work and family have to come first before our hobby no matter how much we love it and though at times when we can't go it's very disapointing. At least it makes the shoots that we do get to all the more special and enjoyable.
Agreed though when your kit is there,the weather is perfect and you're really up for an event it can be a real pain in the *** sometimes.

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