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Run out of Daystate selects from last year,ordered new supply,groups opening out all over the place.
Looking at the new pellets they have the internal detent further into the head the waist has a collar and the length is different,to all intents and purposes they are a different pellet.
However before I sent them back I tried them out on my HW97 at 55yds, completely different results 15mm groups resulted compared to 48mm with the pcp.
The Superfields have a good grouping at 55yds about 25mm dia at with HW97 compared to 45mm dia with pcp most enlargement due to wind on horizontal plane.
Another pellet to consider is the FX,drop 50mm at 55yds and a group of 25mm dia with Hw97,not much difference with the pcp between Superfields and FX; groups of 45mmdia on both.
One thing I found, the pellets that shoot well with the springer have a long skirt which I think responds to the air blast and seal tight to the bore which the pcp's don't do as the air pulse being less fierce acts longer on the pellet and probably leaks past the skirt due to an inferior seal? Last years skirt dia was bigger than the new batch,also the head dia has been made larger.
Never the less it seems to work,now got to find a suitable pellet to replace last years 'selects'.
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