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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
No....UKAHFT paid for those trophies last year & the reason the are "Clones" as you put it is we buy them all together from the same place before the start of season.
Thanks Scooby,but I was talking about 3&4 years ago and whereas 'Open 'trophies' had identity of the comp where they were won,ie Quarry,Lincoln,or Oxon for example,all the 'springers' had on were:-
BASC Recoiling Class HFT Trophies,
and later,
UKAHFT (year) Winner Recoiling,
If I hadn't put a sticky on back I wouldn't know where they were won.

The question was generated by your post of 4th, Pete, thanks for Scooby answering and clarifying it.Somewhat.
However I hav'nt shot springer at UKAHFT for some time and wouldn't know how they are marked now,I'm sure those who do, appreciate it.
Not bothered about trophies,even doing FT didn't mean that much,some did care though and spent a fortune trying to win.Bit amusing really.
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