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Default EV2 Mark 4.

This subject is being discussed on another shooting site, but, as it concerns me I thought I would air it here and see what experiances other people have had.
I bought a brand new ev2 mark 4, got it home and put it over the crono. Straight from the box it varied about 50 fps. Next day I took it back, and they exchanged it for another new mark 4, fair play I had no problems with them changing it. I asked them to put it over the chrono, which they did, and it was fine 780 fps + or- 5fps. Next day at the club, and I noticed that if it was left for more than 15 mins, that the first shot would go low, after checking it over the chrono it was found to loose about 30-40 fps, but after that shot it would stay consistant. I would have put up with it because it was so accurate and comfortable to shoot.
The following day shooting with a couple of mates, after about 50 shots I noticed the pellets begining to drop, and then all the air decided to make a brake for it out through the barrell, so there I am with a hissing gun, and Mike Williams, Karl Hill hissing themselfs ( or should that be p------g themselfs). So the ev was taken back, and a no fuss refund given.
To say I was gutted would be a understatement, it is a cracking gun to shoot, but with those sort of reliability problems, I am hard pushed to try another. So has anyone had similar problem to my own, what did you do, or have I been unlucky with the two that I bought.
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