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Originally Posted by Baltipal View Post
I kid you not, if I could get my mates Eddie & Paul to get online they'd tell you as well.
You'd get the scope set so you could knock an old shottie cartridge all over that sand bullet trap but on the following Saturday you'd be hitting 3 inches wide.
Hmmm...well, for the sake of my sanity I'm going to wishfully imagine that it's no longer a problem. Seriously though, whenever I zeroed at the BSC (I'm talking about the S400 here), I never found any problems having to rezero later.

Anyway, I went tonight. Taped a bubble to my scope's elevation turret and tried with the stripper on and off.

The problems may have been exacerbated by cant but the stripper/MFC is definitely causing irregular but frequent displacement to the right.

Without the stripper, in the end, the Pro T managed a couple of groups at 55 yards of about half an inch and one about a third of an inch (admittedly that last one was a group of 4 with me messing up for the final shot).

So, the current stripper/MFC is history. I'll certainly need something though. The amount of muzzle flip caused me a real problem at first until I sorted out a stable solid shooting position. It's more of a problem when shooting off shooting bags. When shooting HFT getting a grip on the fore-end is easier but I'd rather not have to take the fore-end in a death grip every time I take a shot!

So anybody got any recommendations for a maker of MFC\Airstrippers.

Pete Dutton was my first thought (be nice to have a matching sterling silver MFC/Airstripper to go with the trigger but I'm not that flush! ), followed by UKNeil (Anybody got a number, since he spends most of his time online in the lair of the 'beast' I'd have trouble contacting him that way! ).

So I'm feeling better about the Pro T now.
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