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I have both the 3200 and EB scopes and they are both very good scopes. If money or weight was an issue I'd happily pick a 3200 however if they aren't a problem then it would be the EB everytime. I find the larger eyepiece and equally larger sight picture useful and more comfortable for extended use...think of it as watching a bigscreen tv instead of a 14inch portable The easily variable parallax is a bonus also, I tend to parallax to my zero range to make sure I'm getting the best possible zero before returning to the previous setting for a comp...I have 3 EBs and not one of them shifts when altering the settings Optically wise id say they, to my eyes at least, are very similar. Another added bonus is the sunshade option on the EB, I've found the 3200 picks up a lot of glare when even the unshaded, but heavily recessed front lense, of the EB copes well...add the additional sunshade and your covered for any eventuallity.
Just my take on the 2 scopes
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