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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
Not sure about 3 trophies ,just wanted recognition for 'springers',as a number of us thought we were the poor cousins.Correct mw if I'm wrong(which you will of course) do Basc sponsor the trophies for the UKAHFT springer winners,if so without them we or springer appreciation shooters wouldn't have a look in.
Reason for this was chatting at venues it came up,and the several trophies 'I was LUCKY enought to win' are clones of each other from Quarry LVAGC and lincoln, no venue no club.
Lastly yes, not much of a [pot hunter I get enough flake already for winning them.
No....UKAHFT paid for those trophies last year & the reason the are "Clones" as you put it is we buy them all together from the same place before the start of season.

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