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I've been there. A few years ago I'd go quite often but I stopped because of the unexpected drift from right to left on the longer Range.
You'd set your scope up there & miss by six inches when you shot the thing somewhere else. It wasn't just me my mates found the same thing, I wasn't aware of any draft down range there but I assumed there must have been in the end as that seemed to be the only explanation for it.
I thought Brum had aquired a shooting club whilst I wasn't looking then!!!!!

Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
It's where the green arrow is:,0.004823&z=18

The pink marker is the nearest address I guess for the postcode B18 7RL which is actually the dead end of Mearse Close .

Best bet is to find Mearse close (it should be on your left if you're going the right way down Crabtree Road) and then carry on to the end of Crabtree Road where it junctions All Saints Road. At that junction you'll see a sharp right into what appears to be an industrial site.

Go up that sharp right and then turn right just before the big Victorian Warehouse building and go round the corner. You'll see a sort of playing field on your right and the big victorian warehouse building on your left. Park up next to the building and go up and ring the bell (it's marked the range bell). The door will then be opened unto you...probably by Tony.

If you fancy popping along on Tuesday I'm going to be there about 7ish.
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