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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
The 8-32x40 Bushnell is a great option for sliding-breech springer, if you don't mind front P/A
They are very long but slim, and the thickest part of the objective is past the loading port so, using high-ish mounts, loading is a doddle.

I have one on my 97K, in a Sportsmatch adjustable one-piece mount because they don't have a huge amount of built in adjustment. Paul James has the same setup and he does OK with it
Bottom rifle is the 97K with Bushnell 4200 8-32x40. Top is a 77K with Bushnell 6-40x40.
Had the same scope on my Pro-sport for a while too, there's no question about the suitability for spring guns, as Adam says it should clear the loading port easily.
They can take a little while to get used to though, you may find that it doesn't snap in and out of focus as sharply as others, but on the plus side they work well on dark targets set against dark backgrounds and arn't effected by temperature variations.
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