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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Yeah , I'll be taking a scope level with me if I can find it. If not I've got a crappy plastic spirit level that I can break the bubbles out of.
cool. If you just looking for cant consistency problems, it doesn't need to be bang on, just on the gun so it wont move and can be seen easily... you could even mount it so you can't see it but someone else can. Then you can get in position without looking at it, feel what feels right, then look, record where it is... then repeat... after a few shots you should have a good idea whether your consistently canting or not.

I suppose then if you're not, you could always set it up so it records the level of the gun accurately, then practice getting into position so it's spot on every time... so that when you're at your next shoot and you can use it, you have a good sense of what is right and wrong.

I spend a bit of time with the butt on sitting, getting it so the gun 'hangs' plumb right... with the alutec it involves me fiddling with the pistol grip and butt plate axial angles... but it does get you there a bit more often.

I was dismissive of it when Steph pointed it out, but it does make a difference, and i've built it into my FT routine now.
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