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Cheers Bob

I like a moan ....o yes i do! I am out today at pete's farm again for more familiarisation wit the gun, so far so good. I am not waving my arms ..yet! Up early AGAIN today..... 05.15 checking the charge on the gun...all seems good.. four cups of tea later and i am ready to go! Trying a few things today to make sure its spot on but does it ever look AMAZING or what!!!! i cant stop looking at it. The Wife is not talking to me already...thank heaven for small mercies Was looking forward to going to LV the weekend but will be in Dublin so will not be able to go...GUTTED!!! i want to get out of it but cant seem to be able to. What a pain in the butt!!!! O well, next time for sure!

I didn't ask for these powers !
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