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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Went up to the Brum Shooting Centre yesterday. Thought I'd try the pellet sizer Ryan lent me.

Fortunately I was the only one on the 50M range so I could move forward to 35 yards to zero before I tried the grouping with the sized pellets.

Unfortunately I noticed something that I'd seen before but had put down to wind on the Furnace Mill zero range. This was on an indoor 50m range.

I'm getting regular shots to the right, say three shots on crosshairs, then a couple to the right, then another couple on crosshairs then one to the right, then one on and then one to the right ad frustratium. The distance the shot is going right is between half and three quarters of a mildot at 35 yards.

Now I know what you're thinking. Parallax error. Well I dialled in the best I could with the EB Snipers sidewheel and did the head-bobbity-bobbity thing and I couldn't see any noticeable error. Certainly not half a dot's worth.

I was prone on a Caldwell front shooting bag and a rear shooting bag so I'm not moving the rifle (in fact it's the same setup I used to use when the S400 was printing 1/3 to 1/2 inch groups at 55 yards at the Brum shooting centre and notice I said it was the rifle making those groups, not me! ). Using JSB Exact 4.52s which it seems to prefer.

Can't see any marks on the stripper (although I did forget to try it without ).

Chrono'ing the rifles shows excellent consistency (+ or - 2 fps over a charge with weighed pellets).

Cleaning the barrel has never made any difference to the grouping on this particular rifle (on my S400 it did need it after a while) although I might try giving it a really intensive clean with the VFG kit I've got.

I'm minded to give Dave a ring at SCR and get him to take a look and also get it serviced whilst I'm there. Sure, the rifle's probably accurate enough for HFT but when a rifle can just about manage the odd 1/2 inch group at 35 yards it'll damage most people's confidence.

Whaddya reckon?
(I'm just waiting for Chris and Ryan to tell me to stop whining)

Where's the 'Brum Shooting Centre' ?
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