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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Whats 3/4 of a mildot at 35yds in real measurements?

A little cant (yes, im from south london as well ) might not lead to vertical displacement that you will notice if it's only moving sideways a tad...
Um from memory (which is where I'm getting this stuff from...Tuesday I'll take the callipers! ) it was about a couple of pellet widths, could be wrong.

I'd fire up Chairgun but I'm in Ubuntu at the mo' and I can't be bothered to re-boot into XP (and don't say Wine 'cos I can't seem to get all the necessary libraries loaded)




Okay now I'm in XP and Chairgun says that to get .4" of horizontal displacement you need only 6 degrees of cant which only produces 0.022" of vertical displacement.

Hmmm... that's not much but looking at my trusty protractor it does seem like something I'd notice if I was looking for it (and I was).

Also, I've just taken the stripper off and actually bothered to unscrew the cone this time rather than just looking at it's 'crown' and I can just make out some marks on one side of the inside of the cone. They're very faint but there are there. Could just be crud mind you....

...also to keep the stripper, which wasn't a perfect fit on the shroud, from wobbling there was some very thin electrical tape wrapped round the shroud, which I removed after the gun got a soaking. To replace it I used PTFE tape...

which has since disintegrated....

...I think I'd better try it without the stripper.

Jeez...this shooting larks a PITA sometimes isn't it?!

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