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Originally Posted by rich View Post
You mentioned the pellet sizer. Do you only experience this problem when using sized pellets?

Maybe the sizing is not treating every pellet the same.
Nah. I never even got to trying the sizer. I was just trying to zero at 35 yards. I wasn't going to waste the sized pellets at 35 yards. Not as much of a tedious job as weighing but still not something I'd do for a hobby!

As for the suggestions of cant (and it's nice to hear that word in this context, I grew up in South East London! ), the bad shots were pretty much in line elevation wise with the good 'uns. With cant would you not expect to see a vertical displacement as well?

Seriously if anybody from the West Mids area fancies a shoot I'll be going up to the BSC Tuesday evening. It's at Hockley Port (just round the corner from Winson Green HMP! ) and it's open 7 'till 10 and costs a fiver. I'll be there from 7. Google Birmingham Shooting Centre for postcode.

It's nice to be able to shoot at 55 yards indoors (there's also a 25 metre range that you can stretch to 35 yards if nobody else is shooting).
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