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Well i tell ya....I am only a little bit shocked ...After spending the day at Daystate with Sparky,Dell and Tony i received my new gun, excited was not the word....a dog with two....well you know the rest. Well having never picked one up or even seen one in the flesh i was shocked to see how small it was , well not small ...compact. I picked it up and felt what everyone had told me about the balance....Its great, no really great. So i picked up my new gun and walked outside and then...... Sparky snatched it and that was the last i saw of it So he took it off to the zero range and had a quick zero and then shot some groups and i was shocked !!! It was great, pellet on pellet out to silly distance's . So i had a was pellet on pellet to nearly 15 yards . As i said , the gun is amazing ...i just hope i can shoot it half as well as it needs. Its a proper bit of kit for sure. I am so looking forward to Bisley , i hope i can get used to the gun before then!

All in all i had such a cracking day at Daystate with everyone , we had such a laugh and i cant wait to go back. Thanks to everyone for every one's help.

What a cracking time and a cracking gun!

yes yes....and Sparky shot a twig at 55 yards in wind and did not STOP going on about it..."i told you the Platinum is a good gun" "see how a champion does" I have now heard it all!! Poor Poor Dell

I didn't ask for these powers !
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