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I agree that springers are much more rewarding to shoot. The 80 I have is a full blown Venom Lazahunter that was made for me in 2004 and shoots like a dream. She has HW77 internals for lower recoil, and with the considerable weight of the gun must represent one of the sweetest firing springers I have ever shot. I also think that actually liking your chosen gun helps to hit the target as it helps to inspire confidence.
The other consideration for me is that after 40 years of using a standard 30-30 reticle, the much more complicated target scope on the PCP is harder to come to terms with and doesnt allow my flagging brain to make the quick calculations that I can with an uncluttered sight picture. Just a thought!
Anyway, the 80 will be off to shoot the Gauntlet competition tomorrow(actually today now!)Whatever happens, I will be enjoying it!
Cheers chaps
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