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Question Scope options for an FT'd TX

I'm turning purely-piston imminently & will initially be mounting my MKII Big Nikko on my TX. I have the idea that this might prove a little heavy in the long run so a scope change may well be in the offing down the road abit so what does the community feel is a suitable FT scope for a TX200?
Key points;

1/It will have to paralax effectively.

2/It will have to clear the loading port.

3/It'll have to be recoil proof, although I'm expecting little recoil as Mr Murphy has left some fingerprints on it.

4/It has to be available to purchase, no good telling me about something that hasn't been in production for ten years no matter how good it was back in the day.

5/It has to be lighter than the Big60 it's replacing or there's no point.

6/And although I appreciate that good optics cost & you get what you pay for etc, I don't want to have to sell a kidney.

Given this impossible criteria what are everybodies views?
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