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Default FT and HFT

Like I said earlier in the thread, I thoroughly enjoy both sports for similar reasons.

It means I am out of the house or work which is always a plus side for any person.

I get to meet good friends at both disciplines of the sport.

And Im always enjoying shooting of this sort.

I feel that both sports have varying degrees of difficulty and Id be the first to say that. I would love to compete more in HFT but as I have competed in FT for a long time and commit alot of my time into that, I get pulled away from cometing more at HFT comps.

Im looking forward to putting more UKAHFT rules shoots on in my club Nelson, the lads in the club are looking forward to it. I really waant to learn more on how to set up the courses and have spoken to Sparky regarding this. We have arranged for Nelson to run shoots on a Saturday so they dont clash with Quarry shooting on a Sunday, which means that the lads who do shoot HFT this end can have 2 days now and then to practice HFT.

Thats the way forward in my eyes is to have a go at it. If you compete in HFT then have a crack at FT and vice versa. I think you will open your eyes to how good both sports are for the people you meet and the types of shooting you will be involved in.

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