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I think it's got more to do with where you spend your cash in the first place.

An AA EV2 will do both HFT and FT equally well, as will a Daystate, but a 3-12 scope won't
allow you to compete in FT as well as it will in HFT. Even a 6-24 will put you at a distinct
disadvantage over the high mag scopes of the top FT shooters. Also a lot of the FT rifles
are single shot with no magazine option, a rifle used for hunting/HFT would probably be
capable of fitting a magazine.

If you have budget for a top FT scope, then I agree a good shot could compete with the best
using not much more than an S200 but not with a 3-12 or fixed mag as are used by most
HFT shooters.

There is also the time involved, clashes in dates between HFT and FT comps, family commitments,
practicing 2 shooting disciplines. It all adds up.

Daystate MK3 RT 3-12X44 MTC Viper

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