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its funny this should come up actually, a pal of mine is considering getting rid of his AA s510 because its "too easy" too shoot. he much prefers his tx200 and hes pretty handy with the thing too. he let me have a go of it and i was hitting 40mm 50 yarders indoors every shot, even hit a 15mm @ 50yds about 3 times out of 5 the very first time i had even used that gun. just asked where his 50yd mark was on the scope and that was it. i found with my merlyn its aim, hit, aim, hit... well, indoors anyways! HFT shoots are a different matter as we all know too well! a springer is much more challenging and so much more fun for it.

i bought a hw57 .22 for the other half to paper punch with and i had a go of it the other week and i can shoot better standing with it than with my merlyn because its so much lighter!

i think springers make you a better PCP shooter when you learn with them first in my humble opinion, im considering taking the hw57 to a HFT shoot next, even if i shoot rubbish it will be a lot of fun!
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