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I must admit i was expecting lots of non ft shooters to say the "Long range" (45-55 yard targets) of ft was off putting, as certainly at some Gp there are alot of these and many "club" shooters struggle if they do attempt a Gp ? This brings up another question?

Keep em coming[/QUOTE]

I don't think many that are members of air rifle clubs, in my area anyway would find longer range targets alien to them as I regularly see shooters pushing past normal HFT ranges when practicing.I know every since I started I have shot spinners and knock downs out to 55 yards and know my hold overs on my settings used for HFT.
The thing that I'm finding...erm the minute is going out that extra few yards on standing shots used for FT.Apart from the sitting,range finding and dialing everything else is pretty familiar.
All I can say as somebody who has shot a lot of HFT but who is new to field target is that it's no harder, no easier,no more or less enjoyable,just slightly different in a refreshing kind of a way.I like going to the club now and shooting the course as HFT then after a break going around again FT and though they are the same targets you get the feeling of shooting two completely different courses because of how you've shot them and I always go home with the feeling that I've had a good days shooting.

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