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Default Procedure in the airport

I would like to help you in the airport.

1st. Go to the check in desk to obtain you boarding card and say them you are carrying a airgun
2nd. Once you had your boarding card go with your airgun case to the scanner area ( ask in the check in desk where is located)
3rd. Put the caise into the scanner belt.
4th. Pass inside the security area to explain to the officer's an airgun, not a firearm and so on......
5th. Lock the case and say bye bye to the case up to the destination airport
6t. Go to the passport police control and show them your passport to pass trough
7h. Take your flight ( in the right gate if possible, jejejeje)
8th. In the destination airport ask to the officers where will be downloaded your airguns
9h. Show to the officer when ask you about the airgun documentation, the personal invitation made by the Fiekd Targer Association to participate in the Open.
10th. Take your case an look for the AFTE member outside of the airport to pick up you to the hotel in Zumarraga. We'll be ready to help you with the airarms inspector in case of neccesity

In case of questions don't hesitate....

Best regards

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