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Hoping to have a go again at proper FT, at the moment I have 2 rifles but would keep my HFT rig as my HFT rig as it works for me, and my other is set up as a backup. I do enjoy doing SFT and we have done a couple of the GP's and I know for one I enjoy doing it, I don't tend to change PX of from 25 yd PX and just guess as you do in HFT (unless the lane looks unbelievably far!!!), it does teach you about what your gun does at 50 55 yards.

The barrier at the moment is finding the time to set up and money to get the right scope to have a go at FT again, we have a basic knowledge within the club, but hopefully now Rob is attending the club a few times we are gaining more and more knowledge from him about it, as well Bill Musselwhite who shoots alot SFT , and we have Peter from Castle FTC who practices at our indoor range in the week, the interest in FT is starting to build.

There are so many nice people in both disciplines, I think when you do a hobby that you enjoy you build your kit around the discipline, then if you want to diversify there is an element of money as there is with any hobby.

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