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Default English exit authorization

Evening chaps!
Last monday we return from London to Bilbao and in the airport the police border checked the airgun cases trhought the scanners. Then the policewoman ask to us for the air rifle documentation. Hopefully the Spanish shooters must have the document with the serial number of the air rifle and the owner name and address according the Spanish laws.
In the meantime I said to the policewoman that in case of the British citizens if she ask them for this document she don't have any answer, so in my opinion she wasn't in the ridht application of the English laws.
The key document must be fulfiled by the policewoman in the English airpoort is:

As all yourself can confirm, this document has been designed to be used in the FIREARMS, not in the AIRGUNS.
I tryed to explain to the policewoman this point, but she was keen to look for the "certificate number" which does not exists in this clase of Spanish document.
The issue was solved after some phone calls to her boss , I guess, and mainly to apply the common sens in this case.
Anyway it's similar in Sapin when we are traveling to other countries so the Spanish police apply the same criteria than for the firearms but as we've the document of each airgun it doesn't exist any problem.

I'm sure thar other countries have similar problem, so if we add to the general unknoweldge of the laws for the officers and the inexactitude of the laws regarding the airguns, we'll need to call to the common sens of the border's officers to solve this issues.

Talking about the Euskadi Open, we've already solved the entry in our airport of the foreign shooters sending to each one of the shooters a personal invitation to our Open and moreover talking before the entry with the airport authorities in order to avoid any problem, so you don't have any trouble in our airport border.

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