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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
I considered this Sam and did have a go last year but it's a cross breed between the two. I decided that I would either try FT proper or just stick to HFT as SFT just wasn't for me for some reason.
It's a good option for those that enjoy it though.

don't blame you in the slightest. I started with HFT and was gently harangued into FT. Before I knew what was what I had a new rig for FT! I like the differences between full blown FT and HFT, I enjoyed both immensely. The only downside I found was the difficulty in doing both disciplines to a decent standard. I found that through the winter my FT shooting steadily improved at the expense of HFT. Through the summer my HFT shooting steadily improved at the expense of FT. I just couldn't maintain my best form in both.

All I was suggesting is that for those not stupid enough to cough up for a second rig or unwilling to compromise their HFT rig, then SFT is a viable option. That's surely pretty much what and who it was intended for.
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