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Default Bases

Another person I know who uses this set up is John Costello, who as we both know shoots damn well at both sports.

I have changed to standaard rings on my ev2 aat this time, as I damaged the bases when stripping my kit down last year. I have since bought another set of bases and had them machined and will fingers crossed be setting them up when I can.

I have used this sort of mounting set up for years and personally love the bases. I have never lost zero when changing scopes over from one to another. Leupold guarantee that when you take a scope off and replace it, at most the zero would be 1 click out at 100 yards. This would have been tested on full bore rifle set ups mind.

As with shooting both sports, I can understand why people stick to one that they favour.

Alot of it comes down to the comfort factor, they become settled in the sport they are competing in and do not fancy changing as they do not know what the other sport my bring. Meeting new people can be daunting to some, personally I love meeting new people in both sports and thoroughly enjoy going to both events. I have gained many great friends in both codes, even though I shoot mainly ft. I honestly wish I had more time to shoot hft.

I work shifts and in Wales we also run a summer series, which as you can imagine doesnt leave anymore time for much.

I will try my best too make both types of shooting when I can.....

Berty Bassett
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