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I've always thought due to a back injury that I'd never be able to shoot FT and have always been bias leaning towards HFT because of it.
A bit like shooting my gob off without learning all the factjust like me
I have now tried FT though and am now wondering what I've been missing because as with HFT, I love's just a different way to enjoy shooting my rifle.

I haven't got expensive kit S400 topped with a 70 quid BSA scope which range finds pretty well and seems to do the job nicely which I'm also using for HFT.

Some people are tackle tarts...some believe that expensive kit will buy wins....some people genuinely do shoot better with more expensive stuff....some people win competitions....many don't.
The question was though what puts you off shooting Field Target and not what stops you winning FT competitions so just put all that to one side for a minute and go out and buy what you can afford and try it......and just enjoy shooting for what it is....bloody good fun

I don't class my self as being bad at HFT though I've never won anything major and I may never win anything at FT but if good times were trophys then I'd have a cupboard full

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