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I think the problem for many is with expense. It's just not the expense you guys think it is.

It's been said that many of the rifles seen on the HFT circuit either are FT rifles or would be perfectly good for FT (S400 for example). There is a problem with this though.

In HFT one of the most popular scopes is the EB Sniper. It's a good compromise between the many characteristics required for the 'perfect' HFT scope. The perfect HFT scope doesn't (yet) exist of course but characteristics like good DOF, as little as possible parrallax error, ability to mount low do show up on the tried and tested 'good' HFT scopes.

FT scopes are very different, in fact some characteristics that make up a good HFT scope would be bad on an FT scope.

Practically speaking nobody in their right mind is going to want to keep swapping an HFT suitable scope and an FT suitable scope on a single rifle.

So that means not only getting another scope, it means getting another rifle to put it on.

Some people can afford to do that. Well done to them if they can, they're obviously doing something right in their lives.

Many can't. Which is why I suspect a lot of HFT shooters don't shoot FT.

I'd quite like to give it a go myself but unless someone can 'lend' me a rifle with a suitable scope on top (and teach me how to get over this belly on mine in the seated position! ) I shall be carrying on with HFT and occasionaly wistfully looking at those exciting big scope wheels!
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