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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
Just been to Redfearns and decided to have a bash at the racks - 18ex20 - where the hell was that type of shooting at the weekend???

Just missed 2 rams due to wind.

I think the Ponty hut is haunted as I just can't stop shaking when I go in there

First two chicks went down as desired... then i got the jellies and it was a crapshoot after that. Need to look at what previous rigs have allowed me to do on standers and why.

I seem to remember the gun I had off Mart was demon for standers... no shelf at all, and a high mounted scope... shed loads of lead inside, low in the stock... hmm. Even though you got the jitters now and then the gun felt so secure it gave you the confidence back and calmed you down... which was the opposite of mine.

It was the gun

Strange thing was, quite a few said that they set up for standers, and just went with it on sitters... when I got my standing setup as good as I could, it was junk for sitters... stuck the hook back where it was and had no movement even on 60x sitting down.

At least I can see that I can set it up ok for sitters... so if I can get another rig setup for standing well, i can suss what needs to move between the two and work out what sort of stock can do it.
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