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Thanks for your measured words of encouragement and understanding chaps! Well, last trip at the outdoor on Sunday saw me using my recently acquired FWB Sport. having only had the opportunity to get a 21 yard zero and not the usual 37 yarder at the indoor range, I was anticipating a mediocre performance, particualrly with the low scope mounts of the 3-9x40 period *** scope and the effects on holdover/under etc.
Anyway, I matched my sons scores and found the gun a joy to shoot. I had forgotten just how light the FWBs are and just went into "spring shooting mode" automatically making gun hold allowances etc.
I also noticed that the straight 30x30 reticle was easier for my simple brain to use when allowing for windage/elevation, and have come to the conclusion that all of the years of using springers and standard hunting scopes has conditioned my brain to just make the immedeate calculation needed to take the shot.
I think that you are all right in presuming that I probably concentrate more when springer shooting. It also has to be said that I enjoy it far more than "dead" PCP firing cycles!
Having used both types of gun in the field as well for many moons, i still enjoy using the spring gun far more. I like the fact that they are totally self reliant, with their performance rewarding "proper" shooting skills that we all recognise such as hold technique and recoil management.
Maybe at the ripe old age of 51 I am just too old to completely relearn the skills that have taken so long to master! As my son points out to me on a regular basis " You must be getting senile" as I miss yet another sitter with the PCP that I am confident would go down with a springer.
At the outdoor on Thursday afternoon I will take along the R10 and the Sport. I may even take the 80 as well. Whichever gun gives me the best results (I suspect the 80 as I havent fully had time to properly acquaint myself withe Sport)will be used in the Gauntlet competition starting at our outdoor Rivington range this Sunday.One thing is this though. Whichever gun I use I will be enjoying myself,but maybe a little bit more if I use a springer!
Shoot straight gents!
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