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Originally Posted by LAity View Post

It seems months ago we were all at LV enjoying a great course and most of us being beaten up by the wind but it just seems so long ago? How many weeks is it until Bisley?? I should ask the company PA but she is off rinsing Sparky again no doubt ( on his own course no less ) .

Is it me or does it seems ages ago??? Back when Chilly had hair and Chris scored over 40?? The break between the first and second round has been enormous??

Your thoughts?

This weekend is mad v meon at meon, or in your case of you haven't got out of it your going with your father in law somewhere in Wales, weekend after that I would presume you are seeing your lovely kids... Then the weekend after that is Bisley...we'll sort out finer details nearer the time as you will forget as you have a memory span of a goldfish!!

Now do you know what your doing?? If not I'll have to forward you a more detailed iternary!!!

PA Steph

p.s yes it does seem ages, looking forward to it!!
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