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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Not strictly true Gary, What appears as massive parallax error on a Lightstream is due to the fact that they have a massive field of view & you can move your head quite a bit sideways & still see the image.

However for the sort of movement we experience in HFT then the Lightstream gives less Parallax error than the EB Sniper when set at the same mag & Parallax setting. This was tested on a jig that allows the same amount of sideways head movement each time rather than wiggling your head until the image disappears.
Thanks Pete, I don't think it is the scope or the gun and if i was getting parralax error I certainly would not have knocked over two of the 4 standers today one of which was 35yds. I did shake hands with Laity last time I saw him, think I caught what he had
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