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Originally Posted by Ferrets Bueller View Post
I think with the move and what not Fort will be missing out on the gauntlet this year steve, we didnt know if we had a date or not and its a bit late now. If the offer is still open next year will will defo take you up on the offer and anyoone from tawd or rivi is always welcoome at the club.

Just to set minds at ease too, Fort dosnet have any underlying intetions regarding chester ftc we only have 2 dates that clash (both club days) and i ca change the october one so we dont clash. So we will only have one date (9th may) that we will be sharing the land after that we wont encrotch on each other at all. We hope we can both work together and make mouoldsworth a great shooting venue for both clubs, besides what can be better than a Ft club and an Hft club on the same grounds, we can cater for everyone

All the best Paul
Hi Paul, that will be a shame.
No Worries though - just getting organised.
You know me.

Good luck - scream when you wanna go faster.
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