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Originally Posted by rich View Post
This must be the mark 3 big Nikko, then. The big BSA that was the forerunner of the mark 1 would focus down to about 9 yards. My mark 1 Nikko will go to about 10, however the best solution if you want to focus really close is to add a close focus adapter (Leupold, about 40). Everything under 15 yards is sharper with the adapter.
The mark one and two big Nikkos will come down further depending on how the objective has been set. Having looked through about ten different brand new ones in the shop when I was buying I can confirm that they weren't all set up exactly the same from the factory. However, having the ability to PX down to eight yards can compromise the gap and therefore discrimination between 50 and 55 yards. It's a fine balance to achieve.
Please note that this isn't a comment on the MK3 as I've not had a fiddle with one. Strangely enough, people get all nervous about the prospect of someone messing with the objective of their five hundred quid scope just to see what happens!
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