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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
It is always nice to be mentioned alongside 'FT Greats' Cheers guys

Standing and kneeling are funny disciplines to master and I am nowhere near.

I reckon it is mostly in the head, positive mental attitude and all that. Practice helps if you get the chance.

I find the Silhouettes easier than Field Targets, you can get into a good routine with the former. I did quite a lot of 10m shooting when I was 16ish that helped tremendously and it stays with you. My technique would make 10m coaches cringe however.

Most important of all though is getting the buttock clench right, ballet lessons can help with this.........
Agree with James, mental attitude is 90% of the reasons the top shots are the top shots, if when you address a target all you can think is "I hate standers as all I do is miss them" then all you will do is succeed in missing them!

If the likes of James is not a master at kneeling and standing then god help the rest of us if ever he does master them!

Bit I don't agree with is the ballet lessons, I am still trying to get the mental image of James and Bertie prancing around in pink tutu's out of my head!


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