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I'm seriously beginning to think that, when mastered, shooting a springer will get the same results as a PCP.

In HFT I think there are a few targets that put a springer at a disadvantage because you just have to change the way you are holding the rifle and that causes more problems with a recoilling gun. Resting on posts etc can cause similar problems. So for those reasons I still think a pcp is worth a couple of points over a springer on a typical good HFT course.

I really do think I will get as good a score now with my HW77k as I will with any of my PCPs ( not great scores ... but ok ). I think it's mainly because I've got used to the weight and the extra steadiness that gives ... particularly shooting prone.

I seem to have wound a few HFT shooters up with posts on here and the BBS about the prone stance being rock steady. When I'm shooting with my HW77k rig it really is rock steady because of the weight. Add that to the fact that I am so used to shooting the springer that my technique with the springer is quite consistent.

When I shoot my PCPs I don't seem to have the same 'familiarity' or 'the gun is part of me' feel.

The PCPs are no where near as heavy and although they are very accurate they don't feel as 'solid' on hold as the heavy springer. I can't hold them as rock steady on aim as I can the springer ( I'm talking prone ).

I do also think there's a touch of the ' I can't miss this target with this gun ' that sneaks into the equation. When I'm shooting the 77 I concentrate totally on technique all the time. I know that if I don't the springer will punish me. I remember shooting a 25 yard, full size kill, target at a HFT event with a very accurate PCP ( aim half an inch low ). I was shooting it prone and there was no wind. An absolute gimme. I was so convinced that I would drop that target I was almost getting up ready to put 2 in the box before I had pulled the trigger. I didn't give the shot the respect it deserved and I plated it. If I was shooting the 77 at that target I would have still ticked all the boxes and made sure it was a 2.

Good luck fella.

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