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I shot both springer and pcp in 2008 and while my shooting got better and better with my TX my scores with my 400 dropped.I found like Rob said that while I was concentrating on hold position and technique in order to be able to shoot the TX well I was just expecting the 400 to do the job for me subconsciously without me focusing on doing things right.
While I loved shooting my TX which won me the NEFTA hunter recoil class that year, I sold it to concentrate on putting my efforts into shooting a pcp and gradually my scores started to improve.
A precharged rifle is I think no less difficult to shoot well as a springer.Good technique is needed with every shot and time needs taking to learn the rifle and how it likes to be held throughout the shot and every good shot needs to be repeated onto the next.
If there is nothing wrong with either rifle then it may be a simple case of you like shooting the springer more and therefore have taken more time on getting to know that rifle and simply shoot it better as a result.


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