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Default Why can I shoot my 80 more accurately than my PCP?

Having spent another few hours down at the club outdoor range on Sunday, I came away slightly perplexed at my performance with my PCP compared to the undoubtbly better performance with the springer.
I have shot springers for decades and used them both in competition and in the field and consider myself a reasonable shot with one. My son commented that I was shooting like a t--t with the PCP, but I was nearly matching him shot for shot with the 80 and him with his HW100.
Maybe its the "busy" reticle I have atop the PCP compared to the straight 30-30 living onboard the springer? Whatever the reason, the targets dropped on a more regular basis with a rig that is supposed, as we all know, to be more difficult to shoot. I reckon it might be the parallax, cause I cant for the life of me work out why this happened. Both zeros are blob on and the guns both prefer a diet of Premiers so its not that. Must just be my technique. I do feel more confident when shooting the springer, but having shot PCPs for a decade or so and never having noticed a major difference, I really need to consider the thoughts of other experienced shooters who may have experienced a similar issue.
I know its a strange one chaps, but I am buggered if I can work this one out!
Any suggestions gentlemen?
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