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Had a passion when I was 13ish after finding a copy of AirGunner in a local shop and saw a Venom HW77 rifle as the poster for the month. Ended up with the bedroom walls covered with the posters from AirGunner and me blissfully wishing I could own one.

Dad would never let me buy one at all till I was 18. brought a BSA Mercury in .22 went to the local club on the bus (1hr journey each way) rifle in slip. Met my best friend there had a go with his rifle and was hooked line and sinker. Club closed after about a year (council member lived close by and forced it to close .

Restarted the club in 1992 as a group of friends on a farm, got into shotguns for a while but passion was always airguns. between 1994-2000 shot FT for the club and got into the regional team 3 times. Also in that time did CSFTA HFT shoot. Stopped in 2000 for 3 years due to buying house, restarted again done some UKAHFT shoots enjoyed them and if get time would like to do some more but FT is my passion, not good but just enjoy the challenge and the friends I have made over the years.
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