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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Well fella, it has to be said I honestly havent got a clue what you mean only trying for some of the course.

You got a good NJR working well for you and you use the spare kit. Id understand if the NJR wasnt working but it is??

Well you beat me out of the first 14 shots, but fella it is a 40 shot course and not 20?

Be nice to see you put your efforts into the WAFTA series....

I gave up as i was in quite some discomfort shooting uphill.I just could not breath, even when rangfinding!
I dont mind a few lanes, but lets face it i would say around 28 - 30 of the 40 targets were uphill shoots, only the standers + kneelers plus a couple of reducers were flat shots?
Not the course for us fatties and at 19.5 stone i admit i am way over my target of 17.5. Its surprising how you dont realise how big one has become!

As it was, I wanted to test the Falcon scope on a course. I know the Tm -njr is ok, trigger is not quite right but not a million miles out. Its possible that it is actually a more accurate gun than the Njr
The scope has no windage dots and I wanted to test how i judged the wind, which as as it turned out was ok. But at the half way point i looked across and saw all the other targets up the hillsude and thaught, this is no fun anymore i have done what i wanted to do and have had enough of shooting uphill and not being able to breath!
Range finding is harder /takes longer than the leup but thats perhaps due to lack of use with the falcon as much as anything?

Its doughtfull i will be able to do more than 2 Wafta shoots this summer again due to work which means even if I were to have taken top score Sunday and then did the same in the other event, i still not could be greaded out of B class in wafta, again!!!
Hence my request at the meeting the other night to change the rule so that it matches bfta rules. I would be more interested in trying then perhaps? I really dont think I (or Mark Sheppard for that) should be in B class taking prizes away from genuine B class shooters?
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