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Default Shooters...they're an alright bunch aren't they?

No, before you ask I'm not channelling Kingplinker...

Up at Furnace today, I'd just shot round the course and returned to the zero range, I started chatting to a chap with a nicely modded SMK XS78 (you know, the Rabbit Stopper clone that's actually better than the original). After a couple of seconds we were getting on famously (well, the man liked my Pro Target so he obviously had taste).

Another chap turned up and I had a chat with him too, he showed me his Mk4 (very nice if you like that sort of thing; the wood had a lovely grain) and again we had a nice chin-wag.

We're a social bunch shooters, I think. We may disagree on aesthetics (If I never see another Paul Wilson stock I'd be happy, I know, I know that's heresy!), engineering, politics or even the fitting of shear bolts to S400s saving airgunning as we know it but we're still shooters.

Put two shooters next to each other and mostly (assuming no major character flaws in either) and they'll have got on better than most.

I mean, I know I can be a monumentally aggravating PITA but I've met some brilliant people over the course of my 6 years of shooting (obviously I've met some duffers too, even someone who, if pushed, I'd admit to believing to be the Antichrist) and become mates with. People like Sean Cameron and Richard Chase, Steve (Kes), Andy Jackson to name...well...that's most of 'em (I did mention I was a PITA). Even those I wouldn't count as personal friends but as people I bump into at UKAHFT rounds I'd trust a great deal more than any non-shooter I knew as well.

So, here's to shooters. They're okay.
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